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Designing Your Shop Window

When starting a new business, there are many things to consider. One critical element is the website, which is effectively your shop window, so it’s important to get it right.

Hannes has had experience of working with 99designs on another project and it made perfect sense to myself and Robin. Why have one designer working on your website, when you can effectively crowd source and have multiple designers working on ideas generated from your brief.

The user interface was exceptionally straightforward and it helped us communicate our brief in a very efficient way which was then shared with the design market. We started getting interest and designs almost immediately. The responses were from a mix of seasoned professionals that just wowed us with their ideas and suggestions to those that were clearly just starting out but incorporated some design elements that as a team we really liked. But with the selective process and voting options available within the management system, we started to refine what we were most aligned to and those designs we valued the most. We then got a second wave of even more talented and targeted submissions. We now had in excess of 20 options to choose from, with a handful that immediately captured our eye. We shared our shortlist with customers, investors, related professionals and friends to get a sense of what closely translated to who we are and what we offer.

We were really happy with the end result, the speed in which it generated numerous options for us to select and the cost of gaining access to so many talented designers in such a simple and timely manner. We have recommended them to a number of our business providers and clients as a result.

Another bonus of 99designs is that they also referred trusted development partners and once again our experience has been faultless. Would I consider using 99designs for any future sites we develop? Without a doubt.

Thank you again to the team at 99designs.co.uk/landing-page-design

HydroGuard co-founder

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