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Flood Facts. Why would one protect his property against flood?

According to the UK Climate Projections briefing report (2010), it is likely that with climate change, flood risk in the UK is going to increase in the future. Around 5.2 million properties in England & Wales are at risk of flooding, with 2.4 million having a high chance of flooding, therefore these properties have at least a 1 in 75 chance of flooding in any given year. Defra found the costs of applying resistance measures, such as waterproof doors, windows and Read More...

Securing Homes & Lives Against Floods

In Poland: Securing Homes and Lives Against Floods Poland’s Odra River has flooded its banks more than 16 times in 200 years – causing death and destruction. A World Bank-supported project is now in place to prevent future flooding, and protect the thousands of homes – and millions of residents – located around the Odra River Basin. Read More...
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